Applicable to all Products:

Q. What requirements must be met for my company, and its employees, to access Rellevate products?
A. The Company must comply with all applicable federal, state and employee laws and agree with Rellevate’s terms and conditions. For the Pay Any-Day product, the Company must utilize an electronic time and attendance system and be able to provide employee time and attendance records to Rellevate on a regular basis.
Q. How long will it take to enable my employees to access Rellevate products?
A. Once Rellevate’s client agreement is signed, it will take approximately 30 days to activate the Company and make Rellevate products available to employees. Thereafter, each participating employee will then need to sign up for the Rellevate products.
Q. What costs will the company incur for the use of Rellevate products?
A. There are no costs to the Company for making Rellevate’s products available to its employees. Rellevate bears all costs and liability associated with advances that Rellevate makes to company employees who choose to use Pay Any-Day.
Q. Who bears the cost of using Rellevate’s products?
A. The cost to use Rellevate products is borne by the employee. Rellevate offers a fee-friendly suite of products that are significantly less costly than alternatives in the market such as check cashing services and pay day loans.
Q. Will my company incur any expense to implement or support the on-going use of Rellevate products?
A. There are no hard expenses for the Company to support Rellevate. The Company must electronically reconcile with Rellevate the ongoing advances that Rellevate makes to its employees. That will require Company supervision and management. The company will also communicate the availability of Rellevate’s products to its employee base, using information and materials provided by Rellevate.
Q. How long will it take to train my employees to use Rellevate products?
A. Online resources (videos, documentation) will be offered to train employees on how to use Rellevate products. Training will take less than an hour to complete. Ongoing questions will be supported by Rellevate’s customer service center.
Q. How will my employees receive support, if they have questions or experience any problems using Rellevate products?
A. Rellevate will have ongoing customer service support both online and through call centers.
Q. What makes Rellevate products unique vs other providers?
A. The ease of use of Rellevate’s product suite, ranging from checking with interest to Pay Any-Day to Bill Payment to Money Transfer, on a daily basis, at fair prices via secure mobile app or web browser.

Pay Any-Day:

Q. When will my employees be able to access earned pay?
A. After implementation is complete, employees may access their earned wages (minus appropriate withholdings) as soon as the Company electronically provides Rellevate with the hours worked and Rellevate can verify the information.
Q. Will the use of this service affect my company’s cashflow?
A. No, Rellevate funds the advances itself, assuming all financial risk, through a financial warehouse and settles with the Company at their regular payroll close.
Q. How will the use of Rellevate’s Pay Any-Day product impact my current payroll process?
A. Rellevate’s PayAny-Day will necessitate the reconciliation of the amount advanced to the employee for earned waged between pay periods. Rellevate will furnish a report to the company to enable the company to reconcile with Rellevate every pay period.
Q. How does a company determine what percentage of their employees’ earned pay can be accessed via Rellevate’s Pay Any-Day?
A. The Company must calculate appropriate withholding for each employee, such as federal, state taxes and healthcare. Alternatively, the Company may choose to only allow a certain percentage of each employee’s available earned wages.
Q. Can my company implement Rellevate’s Pay Any-Day product, and nothing else?
A. In essence, the Company only has to implement Pay Any-Day. All other products are made available directly to each employee, who will elect to participate and sign-up accordingly.
Q. How will my employees access/use Rellevate’s Pay Any-Day product?
A. Pay any-day will be securely accessed electronically (mobile app, PC, tablet, etc.).