Digital Banking Services


Digital Banking Services

Access, Move, and Use Your Money
Anytime, Anywhere…

Rellevate debit card mockup

Access, Move, and Use Your Money
Anytime, Anywhere…

Rellevate facilitates banking services through Sutton Bank, Member FDIC

Digital Account

Full featured Digital Account with Earnings Credit and a Visa® debit card


Provides employees to access earned pay between pay periods


Pay bills online with your Digital Account


Send funds to others

Product Highlight

Pay Any-Day

Enables employers to give employees immediate access to earned pay, without waiting until the next payday.

Employer Advantage

Employers enjoy competitive advantage when recruiting new and retaining existing employees. Pay Any-Day is an employee benefit, reflecting an employer’s commitment to greater flexibility, reducing stress and empowering employees to take greater control of their finances. Pay Any-Day has no impact on the existing payroll cycle or cash flow. No loans are issued, company assumes no risk or liability. Rellevate advances earned pay and shoulders all related risk.

Employee Advantage

Employees enjoy greater flexibility, save time, relieve stress and very cost-effectively gain access to earned pay to cover unanticipated needs, or bills on a more timely basis. Employees are empowered to solve their problems, have options available thanks to their employer, enabling employees to stay focused on their work and excel versus coping with the anxiety of not knowing how they will pay an immediately due bill or cover essential needs between pay cycles.

Doing It Right

The “payday loan” industry is plagued by huge fees, interest rates and penalties. Pay Any-Day service is not a loan – funds advanced are actual earnings employees are entitled to receive. Pay Any-Day is a convenient, transparent, low-cost method for employees to access their funds, pay bills online or use their bank issued debit card. Rellevate is committed to strengthening employer/employee relations, and empowering employees to manage their finances.