Why Trust Rellevate?

Trust: The Best Security, Data, and Money Protection


Rellevate is transparent, providing clear and accessible information and a convenient way for customers to access information about their finances, account balances, and transactions, from anywhere, at any time.


Rellevate deeply understands the constituencies it serves and creates its services to support their financial wellness.


Rellevate's products and services are designed to meet the specific needs of its target customers. For example, Rellevate's Pay Any-Day solutions were designed to help employees access their earned wages when needed.


Rellevate's products and services are designed to help consumers achieve financial wellness. By understanding the needs of its target customers and developing products and services that meet those needs, Rellevate is helping to make financial wellness a reality for its customers.

Pay Any-Day By The Numbers

A win-win with game changing metrics

Employees Want Earned Wage Access
0 %
No longer need to use a payday loan
0 %
Rarely/Never overdraw their account
0 %
Increased Interest in Job Application
0 %
Turnover Reduction
0 %
Retention Increased
0 %


Leader in On-Demand Pay

Rellevate Benefits

Employers and Employees Can Benefit From Rellevate’s Suite Of Products


Benefits Include

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Benefits Include