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Put Rellevate to Work in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Simple, one-meeting introduction with Customer Success Team (with continued support for as long as you need)
  2. Determine employee onboarding date – flexible based on your needs
  3. Employees sign up for Rellevate Digital Account
  4. Rellevate provides Pay Any-Day advances and recoups funds when payroll is directly deposited to the Employee’s Rellevate Account. No risk or effort for you.
  5. Enjoy cost savings and HAPPIER EMPLOYEES

Employer Advantage

"Rellevate provides the perfect solution to move away from payroll checks to direct deposit, Pay Any-Day is a compelling product for my employees, and a great benefit tool for hiring purposes. It has reduced my back office expenses and increased employee retention."

- QSR Franchisee with 35 Stores and 510 Employees saved over $350,000 partnering with Rellevate

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Digital Banking


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Frequently Asked Questions

Rellevate is a digital consumer financial services platform that facilitates consumer access and use of their money, anytime…anywhere. Offered primarily through employers as an employee benefit and accessed securely via web responsive online platform.

Features include:
· Pay Any-Day
· Account Earnings
· Rellevate Visa® Debit Card
· Online Bill Pay
· Send Money/P2P Payments

You can sign up for a Rellevate Digital Bank Account online or by downloading the Rellevate app available either from either the Apple® or Google Play™ stores:
Apple Store
Google Play Store

Pay Any-Day pay allows employees to advance a portion of their earned wages before payday.
It is an employee benefit, reflecting an employer’s commitment to greater flexibility, reducing stress, and empowering employees to take greater control of their finances with an earned wage access product.

Pay Any-Day Benefits Include:

  •       Access Your Money-Anytime
  •       Advance up to 50% of Your Pay
  •       Fee Free Advance

It’s an Advance – Not a Loan

To start receiving Pay Any-Day funds you need to switch over your Direct Deposit to your Rellevate Account. Just go into your account and go to “Fund My Account” There you will see your Account number and Routing number.

If you have access to a self-service option to change your direct deposit, you will input your new account detail, just input the account number and routing information in the “Fund My Account” tab.

If you don’t have access to a self-service option, you can provide your Rellevate account number and routing number to your HR department and let them know this is where you want your payroll check to go. Once we receive one direct deposit from you, your Pay Any-Day hours will systematically begin counting the next day.

Use your Rellevate card on the phone, online, or in any store.

Use Rellevate to send money to almost anyone with an eligible U.S. based bank account using Instant or Next Day Send.

Use Bill Pay, a convenient way to stay organized and automatically pay one-time or recurring bills.

The Rellevate PayCard serves as a convenient financial solution utilized by employers to compensate their staff. Employees receive their wages directly onto the PayCard, bypassing the necessity for traditional paper checks. Some of the benefits of the Rellevate PayCard are:

  • Pay Any-Day: Access up to 50% of your earned hourly wages any day of the week with direct deposit of your paycheck to your Rellevate Account
    • Your money is available immediately.
    • Advances are automatically deducted from your next pay period’s paycheck.
  • Avoid check-cashing fees: With immediate access to your earnings on the Rellevate PayCard, you can avoid taking your paychecks to check-cashing facilities and paying high fees.
  • Send Money: You can use it to send money to friends and family.
  • Shop anywhere, anytime: With the Rellevate PayCard you can enjoy the convenience of shopping for everyday items like groceries, household goods, and school supplies, and the advantages of shopping online.
  • Save money: With the Rellevate PayCard, you can take advantage of online bill payment and avoid the fees and inconvenience of money orders.
  • Access cash: With the Rellevate PayCard you can access at over 55,000 In Network Allpoint ATMs or millions of other ATMs worldwide.
  • Manage your money: With the Rellevate PayCard App you can monitor your account balances and transactions, and access information such as transaction history, balances, and purchases.