Public Sector Disbursement Programs

Redefining The Experience

Our Goals

Rellevate is a leader and one of the fastest-growing fintech companies in the disbursement industry today.

We are focused on developing new and flexible technologies that can turbocharge existing legacy systems in how and when recipients get paid.

From new, innovative card payment solutions (instant enrollment/activation, cardless ATM, etc.) to the latest digital programs all ensuring the fastest, most secure, and most reliable money movements focused on reducing costs and execution timetables.

Public sector transparent background
Georgia Card - Rellevate

Our Results

The State of Georgia and Rellevate partnered to distribute funds totaling over $1 Billion in just weeks from program inception.


Matthew K. - State of Georgia

A Positive Digital Payments Experience

Rellevate partners with the public sector using cutting edge digital distributions and engagement solutions. Rellevate’s digital pay platform is built for superior, seamless engagements, and is redefining how State Governments, Cities, Municipalities, School Districts, and Nonprofit organizations interact with their recipients and drive faster, more secure digital transactions from e-wallets including Google Pay, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay.

Speed: Rellevate’s Custom and Flexible 30-Day Programs

Rellevate’s proven fast-track programs can distribute billions of dollars within weeks of program approval and distribute those funds using the latest transfer techniques and across multiple channels.