We are building an innovative fin-tech, employer-based and direct-to-consumer, digital account, and transactional financial services platform. Rellevate leverages our team’s collective experience at leading financial services and money movement companies over the past 20+ years (e.g. Mastercard Worldwide, Western Union, American Express, Chase, Simon Property Group, and J.G. Wentworth, etc.). We are committed to delivering digital transactional services to empower American consumers to simplify their lives, save them time and money.

Rellevate will help consumers bypass the often onerous channels they face every day, such as traditional check cashers, payday lenders, checking/money transfer, and the fees often associated with such legacy providers. Consumers will access Rellevate products online at reasonable, consumer-friendly fees.

Rellevate will make transactional consumer financial services available through employers (which has never happened before) as well as consumers at rellevate.com. Through Rellevate, consumers will have access to and be able to move their money around the corner and around the world, whether to pay a cable bill, send money to a loved one or get access to their earned wages right after they have earned them. Through Rellevate, employers can enable their employees to use Pay Any-Day to access their earned-pay between payroll cycles, thus enhancing the employer’s competitive standing as they strive to acquire, retain, and maintain loyal employees. All products are consumer-facing, and our product suite includes: A Digital Account with Earnings Credit, Pay Any-Day, Bill Pay, and Send Money. Additional relevant products may be added after we formally launch.

Rellevate has built a world-class team, passionate about helping Americans succeed by giving them access to valuable financial tools at affordable, fair prices. Additionally, Rellevate is partnering with best in class providers that ensure our products work seamlessly, securely, and with the necessary privacy for all employers and consumers.