Team Members and Partners

Stewart A. Stockdale

Co-Founder, Chairman and CEO

Greg Schneider

Co-Founder, Chief Information Officer

Mark Forster

Co-Founder, Innovation Advisor

Michele Sullender

Chief Marketing & Product Officer

Victoria Lopez Negrete
Victoria Lopez Negrete

Advisor, Customer Experience

Christopher Sears

Director of Business Development

Robin Blunt

Director of Business Development

Monica dePril
Monica dePril

Director of Business Development

James T. O'Hora

Director of Business Development

Juan Carlos Castaneda

Director of Business Development

David Schneider

Vice President of Accounts and Analytics

Justin Simmons

Vice President of Operations

Chip Steppacher

Advisor, Strategic Finance

Miguel Acosta

Senior Accountant / Controller

Darren Campbell

Payments Operations Analyst

Jimmy Govea

Senior Solutions Architect

Galo Solis

Software Architect

Alex M. Holden

Digital Marketing

Christine Moses Photo
Christine Moses

Graphic Designer / Social Media Specialist

Jim Ou

Brand and Graphics Specialist

Sarah Taylor Photo
Sarah Taylor

Customer Service Specialist / Risk Analyst

Bentley Richardson Photo
Bentley Richardson

Operations Analyst

Anna Karner Photo
Anna Karner

Risk Analyst

Stephen Arndt

Business Development Partner