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17.5 Million Americans Won’t Make It To Work On Monday

Sunday’s Big Game consumption impact on Monday’s productivity is projected to suffer… Quite literally, as millions of hungover Americans consume 20% more Ibuprofen and Antacids

110 Million People Are Projected to Watch the Super Bowl and Devour:

-1.25 billion chicken wings

-11.2 million pounds of potato chips

-8.2 million pounds of tortilla chips

-139.4 million pounds of avocados

-12.5 million pizzas

-325.5 million gallons of beer

The Hangover Effect

The Workforce Institute at Kronos estimates that 17.5 million Americans are likely not going to work on the Monday after the Big Game. The study also estimates 11.1 million Americans will come in late

Shift Coverage

Staffing shift coverage is always challenging around big events or holidays like Christmas and Thanksgiving, but the Super Bowl is one of the only events that drives next-day shift impact

60% Increase in Shift Coverage

Businesses offering Earned Wage Access (EWA) can experience up to a 60% increase in shift coverage. EWA gives workers immediate access to their wages for hours worked without having to wait for their regularly scheduled payday. This access increases and accelerates the employee’s ‘reward mindset’, thereby driving up incremental shift coverage

Rellevate’s Revolutionary PayCard Combines Pay Any-Day, Instant Issue and Instant Activation for your Employees.

EWA is also proven to:

-Reduce on-the-job financial stress by as much as 76%

-Improve employee morale by as much as 38%

-Increase employee retention by as much as 36%

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