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Welcome To The Era Of ‘Loud Budgeting’

‘Loud Budgeting’ is a new term (coined by comedian Lukas Battle) for people to use when they proudly don’t want to spend money. It’s a term people can use that doesn’t make talking about money awkward

In an online world where luxury and opulence are constantly on display — and unattainable for most people — ‘Loud Budgeting’ makes being on a budget cool and acceptable. It’s the inverse of ’Quiet Luxury’ which flourished on social media last year and promoted not flaunting your wealth or being understated about it

“Being loud can be empowering. With this process, you become proud that you bring a bag lunch, make your own coffee, or take the bus. It’s about being open about your financial constraints and reducing anxiety”

-Erica Sandberg,

EWA: One Of The Fastest Growing Employee Benefits For The Budget Conscious Employee

Earned Wage Access (EWA) helps cash-strapped employees embrace this new financial mindset by giving them the ability to receive half of their earned wages (at zero cost) whenever they need and thereby giving them better cash controls, savings and money management tools in their approach for a budget conscious lifestyle

A Win-Win – By The Numbers

EWA is proven to help Employees:

✓ 82% reduction in financial stress

✓ 32% increase in meeting basic needs

✓ 27% increase in credit scores after 6 months

EWA is proven to help Employers:

✓ Increase employee retention by as much as 36%

✓ Increase employee hiring dynamics by as much as 75%

Rellevate’s Revolutionary PayCard with its embedded Pay Any-Day feature is a zero-cost employer advantage

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