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Americans Now Owe $1 TRILLION In Credit Card Debt

The average household now carries a $10,000 balance that has an interest rate above 20%



“We once thought of putting things on our credit card as frivolous spending, or a big purchase, a TV. Now, because of inflation, people are putting actual necessities, food, housing, on their credit card.”

Jill Gonzalez, senior analyst, WalletHub


Rellevate’s Earned Wage Access (EWA) is specifically designed to help your employees manage their day-to-day cash flow needs without having to use a credit card to pay for basic necessities. EWA is one of the fastest growing employee benefits in the U.S.

Rellevate’s Pay Any-Day (EWA) can save your employees thousands in interest fees and late-fee penalties

Rellevate is an FDIC-Insured financial solution for your employees that costs you nothing

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