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Fast Food Restaurants Accelerated Tech Options To Offset New $20 Minimum Wage

California’s QSR industry is looking to technology to help offset higher labor costs, with over half a million California fast food workers now earning $20 per hour, $4 higher than the overall state minimum wage

Two Tech Solutions That Are Becoming ‘Must-Haves’

  1. Automation

Orders for self-service kiosks are maxing out as they prove to be more profitable than workers, with an increased customer preference for ‘autonomous ordering’ catching on especially among the ‘born digital demographic’

Shake Shack and Burger King executives both claim that people order larger amounts of food when they don’t have to place that order with a human being

“When a guest goes to our kiosk and they see the visual merchandising of our menu, we see that they have higher [value] order than a traditional cashier order,”-Katie Fogerty, Shake Shack’s CFO

Panera Bread and McDonald’s have fully embraced self-serve kiosks, Burger King’s CEO said that the burger chain plans to roll out many more digital self-service screens and Shake Shack signaled last year that all locations would soon have self-serve ordering kiosks

Chick-Fil-A is pushing the automation concept even further after debuting what they call a ‘mobile pick-up restaurant’. The prototype concept in NYC has no seating and takes digital orders for delivery or takeout

  1. On-Demand Pay (or Pay Any-Day)

Employers are now more focused than ever on retaining their most productive workers as they trim their employee pools. On-Demand Pay is proven to boost employee productivity for 89% of users, increase retention by 36% and has become one of America’s fastest growing employee benefits

Rellevate’s PayCard featuring Pay Any-Day helps cash-strapped employees by giving them the ability to receive their wages (at zero cost) whenever they need it most, thereby allowing them better cash controls, money management and savings tools

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