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Rellevate Builds Impressive Network of Public Sector Advisors

Expanding Public Sector Outreach

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STAMFORD, CT, UNITED STATES, September 11, 2023/ — Rellevate, Inc., a fintech company dedicated to empowering middle and lower-income Americans through leading-edge digital banking, payment, and disbursement services, announces that partnering with Aspire Partners, it has selected 21 Public Sector advisors to work with Rellevate in 19 states. These Rellevate Public Sector Advisors will significantly expand Rellevate’s public sector outreach, bringing its state-of-the-art disbursement technology across the United States.

“Building off of our monumental success in Georgia with the Department of Human Services Cash Assistance Program distributing $1 billion dollars with 3 million Georgia Constituents served, we are ecstatic to partner with 21 remarkably qualified individuals to help bring Rellevate to states and municipalities across the country,” said Chairman & CEO Stewart Stockdale. “Our mission to help those Americans that need it most will be fast-tracked by this major undertaking.”

Rellevate’s network of Public Sector Advisors bring direct experience working with federal, state, and local level government and complements Rellevate’s current and increasing success in the market category.

“The partnering of Aspire Advisors and Rellevate immediately expands Rellevate’s reach and the great initiatives it is undertaking. Rellevate’s leading-edge technology platform will enable states to best help their constituents,” said Shawn Hull, CEO of Aspire Partners.

Rellevate Public Sector Advisors are beginning their outreach immediately. A full list of Rellevate’s 21 Public Sector Advisors, along with their corresponding states, can be found below. Additional Advisors will add to this impressive group of individuals who share Rellevate’s mission and passion for helping Americans in need.

Rellevate Public Sector Advisors:

Alabama – Tommy Jackson
Assistant Professor, Higher Education Administration and College Student Affairs, University of West Georgia

Arizona – Andre Christian
CEO, Techquity Advisors, Former Director at Toshiba America

California – Sherry Kessler
Senior Account Executive, Aspire Partners USA

Connecticut –Jim Amann & Michael Rell
Former Speaker of the Connecticut House of Representatives, and the Mayor of Wethersfield Connecticut, respectively

Florida – Jason Watkins
Owner, All American Financial Services, Retired United States Army, Sr. Business Analyst

Idaho – Larry Lipschultz
Principal, Treasure Valley Advisors, Former CFO, Oppenheimer Companies Inc.

Illinois – R. Blake Wilson
Entrepreneur, author and 30-year sales professional

Kansas – Dondi Dix
MLB Group Advisory Board, Business Owner, and Former Chief People Officer at Lockton Companies

Kentucky – Jason Young
President & Managing Partner, Peak Partners, LLC

Maryland – Jean-Claude Fresnel
CEO & Founder, Lenserf & Co.

Minnesota – Janeé Harteau
CEO, Vitals Aware Services, Former Chief of Police of the City of Minneapolis

Missouri – Carl Scotten
20 years in executive sales leadership

Nebraska – Randy Mortensen
Managing Partner, RPM Global Advisors LLC

New Jersey – Donna Moore
31 years of senior sales experience

New York – Rhonda Hudson
Owner & CEO, B.O.W. Business Solutions LLC

Pennsylvania – Todd Lewis
Principal and Senior Advisor, The Delphi Advisors

Tennessee – Christian Briggs & Troy Curtis
CEO, Briggs Ventures Inc., 30 years executive sales leader, respectively

Texas – Mark Wilson
President, ATI Consultancy Group, LLC and former COO of Ship 2 Shore, Inc.

Washington – Doug Miller
Founder & Managing Director, Candu Ventures, Former City Council Member for the City of Tacoma

“This impressive group of industry professionals will help expand Rellevate’s reach across the country,” said Director of Business Development – Government, Jordan Pantalone. “The knowledge and experience this initial group brings to the table is unparalleled.”

About Rellevate, Inc.

Rellevate, Inc. is a digital fintech company dedicated to empowering consumers through innovative financial and payment services that allow them to access, move and use their money – anytime. The company’s suite of financial services, offered primarily via employers and the public sector, includes the Pay Any-Day Product, a Digital Account with a Visa Debit Card, Bill Pay, & Money Send, Rellevate PayCard, Disbursement Products, and also Gift and Incentive Cards. For more information on Rellevate and Rellevate’s digital financial services, visit or contact Rellevate at

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