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The Toolbox, The Toybox, And The Sandbox…

How The Federal Reserve Got A Rise Out Of Barbie & Taylor Swift

Hollywood opened up their toybox this summer with its record-breaking Barbie movie. Along with the Taylor Swift tour, they’ve helped drive retail sales higher, leading The Federal Reserve to dig deeper into their toolbox and raise the interest rates by a quarter point

Fed officials continue to be kept on-edge as the US economy powers through the summer months with remarkable strength. Officials are suggesting that yet another rise in interest rates could be in the cards…

At last week’s Kansas City Fed’s annual economic symposium, Fed Chair Jerome Powell stated:

“Additional evidence of persistently above-trend growth could put further progress on inflation at risk and could warrant further tightening of monetary policy”

Business Owners Think Outside Their Sandbox

Each interest hike translates into thousands of dollars in increased financing costs (as it relates to facility upgrades, remodels and expansion costs) that are now impacting operational P&Ls, making cashflow more important to business expansion. As a result, business owners and managers are turning to new innovative financial solutions and resources to help boost their bottom lines

One such innovation is the rise of Earned Wage Access, where employees can now get paid whenever they want. EWA is proven to save companies hundreds of thousands of dollars a year

Rellevate’s Core Banking Digital Account featuring Pay Any-Day (EWA) is proven to help:

✓ Reduce employee turnover by 36%

✓ Drive new hires/job consideration by 75%

The 5-4-5 Opportunity
If you have around 500 employees you could save as much as $500,000 in payroll savings. Find out more at

Rellevate’s Pay On Demand is the Industry Gold Standard (with over $1 Billion in load and 3.1 million accounts in the last 12 months alone)

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