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Cash Used To Be King… Now It’s All About Cash Flow

In today’s world, the consumption of goods and services is fundamentally mismatched with how people are paid

A real-time, on-demand commerce ecosystem has now become a reality, impacting employees that are still compensated in deferred payroll cycles, often leading to intra-month cash flow challenges at a time when the cost of living is rising faster than real wages

Unlocking Employee Financial Solutions

Cash used to be king… But, in today’s current economic environment, cash flow is the new king and is one of the core trends driving the Earned Wage Access market today. This trend has helped EWA become one of the fastest growing employee benefits in the U.S.

EWA is now being adopted by employers and workers across multiple industries including Heath Care, QSR, Hospitality, Construction and Transportation sectors

Rellevate’s PayCard featuring Pay-Any-Day can help employees manage their day-to-day cash flow needs and help them save thousands in interest, late fees and penalties by empowering them with the financial tools to thrive in today’s on-demand ecosystem

EWA has also been proven to:

✓ Reduce employee financial stress by as much as 75%

✓ Increase on-the-job morale and productivity by 38%

Rellevate is one of the most trusted and rapidly growing Fintech companies in the payments industry, with over $1 Billion in volume and 3 million accounts in the last year alone

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