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Rellevate Empowers Employers & Public Sector with Fee-Free “Pay Every-Day” Payroll Disbursement Solution

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~ Next Generation of Earned Wage Access ~

STAMFORD, CT, UNITED STATES, April 16, 2024 / — Rellevate, Inc., a fintech company dedicated to empowering Americans through leading-edge digital banking, payment, and disbursement services, today announced the launch of “Pay Every-Day,” a revolutionary payroll platform designed to streamline payments and enhance employee financial wellness. This cutting-edge solution, offered at no cost to employers and to the public sector for disbursements, positions Rellevate as a frontrunner in financial well-being tools.

“Pay Every-Day” disrupts traditional payroll by enabling instant disbursements any day of the week. Gone are the days of employees having to wait for bi-weekly or monthly paychecks. “Pay Every-Day” empowers employers to offer their workforce real-time access to their earned wages, fostering financial stability and reducing stress. This translates to a more engaged, productive, and satisfied workforce. It also allows the public sector to disburse funds to employees or residents whenever and as many times as they need to every month – Everyday, or any and as many times as they choose.

This innovative offering complements Rellevate’s existing suite of solutions, including “Pay Any-Day,” the fee-free on-demand pay program that allows employees to access up to 50% of earned wages any day of the week. Together, “Pay Any-Day” and “Pay Every-Day” provide a comprehensive financial wellness package.

“Pay Every-Day” empowers employers by:

Enhancing Employee Satisfaction: Improved financial well-being leads to a happier, more engaged workforce

Boosting Retention: “Pay Every-Day” helps attract and retain top talent by addressing a critical employee need

Reducing Administrative Costs: Streamlined disbursements free up valuable time and resources for HR teams

Supporting Local, State & Federal Government: Helping those Americans that need it most to get money as needed – every day if needed

•Eliminates the wait for off-cycle payments: Instantly deliver bonuses, rewards, and final paychecks to employees’ accounts whenever they’re earned

“We are committed to revolutionizing how people get paid and prioritize financial health,” said Stewart Stockdale, Co-Founder, Chairman & CEO of Rellevate. “By offering “Pay Every-Day” free of charge, we are supporting our mission to allow middle and lower-income Americans access, use, and movement of their money – anytime.”

Greg Schneider, Co-Founder and CIO of Rellevate, added, “Rellevate’s “Pay Every-Day” platform, built on the foundation of cutting-edge technology, is designed to streamline and simplify the disbursement process and offers a transformative solution tailored for payouts for a wide array of entities, including public / private schools / universities, government entities, nonprofit organizations, and private sector employers.”

This exciting development builds upon Rellevate’s existing suite of industry-leading solutions,
including “Pay Any-Day” Product, a Digital Account with a Visa Debit Card, Bill Pay, & Money Send, Rellevate PayCard, physical and virtual Disbursement Products, and Gift and Incentive Cards. Rellevate’s comprehensive financial wellness solutions empower consumers to manage their finances effectively and avoid the burden of insufficient funds fees, late fees, predatory payday loans, money transfer fees and expensive check-cashing services.

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