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Scorching Heat Is Crushing American Businesses

Ice, Water, Shade and Pay Any-Day can help with the $100 Billion heat productivity drain

While the true economic impact has yet to be tabulated for this summer’s weather event, recent studies have shown that extreme heat could cost businesses over $100 Billion in productivity losses

“The recent heat waves and scorching summer temperatures demonstrate the economic cost of heat stress”

—Chris Lafakis, Moody’s Analytics’ Director of Economic Research

The Physical: Ice, water, and shade help cool down and alleviate some of the physical stresses of working outside, from agriculture to construction, from restaurant patio servers to auto workers

The Mental: Pay Any-Day helps increase the positive mental attitude of showing up for work during extreme temperatures (without impacting payroll bottom lines) because it translates to immediate gratification for a day’s work

“Yes, it’s incredibly hot outside and waiting tables on the patio sucks …but at least I can get paid when I clock out. It puts me in a better mood”

—O. Hunt, Restaurant Worker

Earned Wage Access (Pay Any-Day) is proven to increase shift coverage by 75%

Rellevate’s PayCard featuring Pay Any-Day Is A Simple Turn-Key solution specifically designed with:

✓ Up to 100% enrollment of your employee base (16 years and above),

✓ Immediate activation on day one of employment, no credit checks

✓ Zero Fees: Rellevate’s On Demand Pay is the perfect no-fee (ACH) payday solution for you and your employees

Rellevate is one of the most trusted and rapidly growing Fintech companies in the payments industry ($1 billion in volume and 3 million accounts in the last 12 months)

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