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State Government Officials Start To Move Away From Traditional Payment Systems

Trend Towards Embracing A New Era Of Low Friction Money Movement Disbursements

Partnerships with leading-edge Fintech companies within the government payments sector are becoming essential in meeting constituents’ evolved expectations and payment choices

New types of Fintech companies, including those with Gig and Earned Wage Access platforms, have created a new norm in money mobility that help optimize consumer payment preferences

State Governments are now embracing this shift in payment technologies by using an advanced roster of Fintech companies and incorporating the latest in digital money movement within their disbursement programs

Rellevate, one of the fastest growing Fintech payment companies in the U.S. (with over $1 Billion in disbursements in 2022) offers a wide range of innovative disbursement options from ePayments, virtual wallets, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay compatibility

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