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Ten Interesting $100k+ Jobs… That Don’t Require A Degree

Earners of $100k+ salaries without a degree requirement obtain their qualifications through certifications and on-the-job experience. Bachelor’s degrees now hold less weight than they used to and take an average of 21 years to pay off. Even Google and Chase Bank have dropped Bachelor’s degrees as a job requirement

Here are ten jobs that pay an average salary of $100k+ per year that don’t require a Bachelor’s degree:

Dental Hygienist: $102,000

Detective: $103,000

Fire Chief: $105,000

Boilermaker: $108,000

Underwater Welder: $110,000

Air Traffic Controller: $153,000

Master Sommelier: $160,000

Commercial Pilot: $165,000

Professional Sports Referee: $210,000

Semi-Truck Owner/Operator: $320,000

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While this list does represent an eclectic list of jobs and salaries, you don’t need to have $100,000 or even $30,000 in your budget to retain/attract a new employee because there’s a new FinTech solution called ‘On-Demand Pay’ that could be what you’re looking for

On-Demand Pay Is One of the Fastest Growing Employee Benefits in the U.S. Today

On-Demand Pay helps cash-strapped employees by giving them the ability to receive a portion of their wages whenever they need and thereby allowing them better cash controls, money management and overall savings tools

On-Demand Pay is proven to help Employers:

  • Increase employee retention by as much as 36%
  • Increase employee hiring dynamics by as much as 75%

Rellevate’s Revolutionary PayCard with its embedded Pay Any-Day feature is a zero-cost employer advantage

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