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The Fastest Growing Employee Benefit Helps Employees Make Back To School Purchases A Stress-Free Experience

Earned Wage Access can help your employees with back-to-school expenses this year, especially if these school-related costs are an unplanned expense

Back-To-School Fast Facts

✓ 40% of employees will have back-to-school expenses this year

✓ Back-to-school expenses are expected to top $40 Billion

✓ K-12 families will spend an average of $890 in back-to-school expenses

✓ 37% of Americans lack the funds to cover a $400 unexpected expense

Earned Wage Access is a financial service that allows employees to access a portion of their earned wages before payday. 

EWA is proven to reduce employees financial stress (by 75%) and save money (around $1,000 a year) by empowering them with the financial tools to reduce/eliminate exorbitant interest and late fees associated with predatory lenders and other financial institutions

Rellevate’s PayCard featuring Pay Any-Day (EWA) is a Simple Turn-Key solution specifically designed with:

✓ Up to 100% enrollment of your employee base (16 years and older)

✓ Immediate activation on day one of employment, no credit checks

✓ Zero Cost: with free implementation and onboarding, Rellevate’s Pay Any-Day is the perfect payday solution for you and your employees

Rellevate is one of the most trusted and rapidly growing Fintech companies in the payments industry ($1 billion in volume and 3 million accounts in the last 12 months)

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